Right then. Let’s see if this works.

In June and July of 2011, my girlfriend and I went on a trip. An epic trip. To America, a land of different people, different opinions and different appetites.

And different theme parks.

Which is the main reason we went. If you say that you’re going to America to go to theme parks people here in the UK will automatically assume you mean Florida. But there’s so much more.

This blog is primarily to be a big diary about this trip – and possibly others as time goes on. And don’t worry, I intend to actually make it look presentable to.

So join us, if you will, as we take to the roads on a road trip over a thousand miles. We’ll see men who paint themselves blue and get paid to bash drums, pass by Barack Obama’s pad and come across some of the cosiest communities you could hope to find.

Oh, and we’ll ride some great roller coasters too.

And we’ll be describing how it all came about, the costs involved and any tips for others out there who want to do something similar.

If anyone there has recently been watching Billy Connolly’s Route 66 and is reading this imaging a person with a Scottish accent, I won’t take offence. That bloke’s probably funnier than me anyway.


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