Day 17 – Washington DC to Williamsburg

Things are getting bad. All my clothes have been used and I’m having to see which T-shirt smells the least. Plus, we’re on our way to our final stop. Whilst we’ve still got a theme park left, plus a water park, after that we’ve got the long flight home – arguably the toughest journey to make (even counting the Sandusky to Philadelphia drive).

Setting off from Washington DC, it’s a short drive to Williamsburg. Well, comparatively short – I think somewhere in the region of 2 to 3 hours. A Wendy’s on the way provides our last Frosties of the holiday, and a retrospective look back.

It’s been a good holiday. Whilst it isn’t over yet, there’s no denying that the entirety of this trip has been a journey from one place to another. Unlike our holidays in Florida where we stay in one place, we’ve always been on the move. Chicago was a great stop and a great city, as was the park. Sandusky itself was typical of what I’d imagine “normal” America to be like, though the islands and Cedar Point were a great surprise. Philadelphia showed, in my opinion, how the people of America had fun on the 4th July and the community they fostered (plus the park was great). Washington DC itself was a tad slow, though there was lots to see and do – the park being almost an afterthought. What woud we make of Williamsburg?

Bessie is lost, as usual. She gets us in the right area but anything after that and she gives up. Still, even though we’re early, we check into the hotel. It’s a pretty nice room – the bed is good and squishy. There is also a pool – it’s indoors, but fairly quiet. We make note of it so we can use it later.

We’ve got two traditions when on holiday in America – my wife will get trainers, and we’ll stock up on sweets. So, leaving the hotel, we ask the receptionist for directions to the nearest Foot Locker. Somehow we manage to find it, inside a very nice shopping village.

Believe me, this place is the sort of place that’s like shopping heaven – as long as it has something you want. Lots of parking, everything set out like some sort of small town but pedestrianised. The Foot Locker itself is also a decent size – not huge, but somehow very spacious without being empty. And it’s all so clean and new! We manage to find some trainers for the paltry price, I think, of $50. Checking the price when we come back, we see that the same trainers would cost £110 here – about three times the price.

Next stop is Wal-Mart! I think I programmed this into Bessie, but we manage to find this. Wal-Marts in America do truly sell everything. You can go in and walk out with your food shopping, a few DVDs, a TV, and some guns. Seriously. And I know that UK supermarkets are becoming like this (minus the guns) but a single Wal-Mart can eat a few Asda superstores and still have room for a food court. In actuality, a Wal-Mart can eat a few of our shopping malls and still have space.

Sweets are ludicrously cheap. It’s easy to see why American kids are stereotyped as fat with ADHD. A quite large box of Nerds (how I love them!) is only $1! A dollar for a box of nerds the size of a DVD case! And they say WE have bad teeth!

So, trainers bought. Sweets bought. It’s off to Friendly’s we go!

Yes, I’ve even got a Friendly’s programmed into Bessie for here.

Dinner later, we head back to the hotel, have a swim in the empty pool (not empty of water you understand) and relax for the evening. We have our final park coming up after all, and want to make it a good one.

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