Day 6 – Cedar Point: The Revenge

So we’re back with more Cedar Point madness. We’d always planned two days at Cedar Point, given the sheer amount there is to do at the park. To be honest, we sort of killed ourselves with the first day there as we had, quite literally, managed nigh-on everything that had interested us in the park, plus a bit more.

But in any case, we leave the hotel for opening at Cedar Point. We leave a little earlier, Bessie doing the navigating as usual, and arrive at Cedar Point just before opening. We wait alongside everyone else, get let in and then have to wait beside the useless cable cars whilst the staff decide that now’s a good time to sing the national anthem.

Yep, it seems that, on opening, all the parks in America have some sort of tradition. In the case of Cedar Point and, as we find out later, various Six Flags parks, that involves that great American past-time, Patriotism. In a later Six Flags park I’d have the enviable role of standing next to Bugs Bunny, the rabbit with his hand on his heart and gazing up into the sky as the Star Spangled Banner plays over the PA system.

There’s a lot more people in the park today (a Tuesday) and I don’t actually recall that much of the day. We did stay for quite a while, but only until 4-ish. I remember that we did a full lap of the park, maybe two, and did a few rides but nowhere near the same amount as the previous day, took a fair few photos and took some photos for other people. Watched Top Thrill Dragster take off a few times and tried to go on a few rides, but didn’t really manage that much.

This was due, in part, to the queues. There were quite a lot more people there on that day than the day before.

Also we were feeling generally under the weather. Partly sunstroke, partly pure exhaustion after effectively using the park as our own personal playground (I had lots of other more colourful examples but decided against writing them – this is a family-friendly blog after all).

We did have a very nice lunch though at a place towards the back of the park – a place called “Chick-Fil-A” or something like that. A fast-food chicken restaurant, this place also did excellent chicken salads (something that I’ve yet to come across at parks here in the UK) and sickeningly good milkshakes. The cookies n cream milkshake was more or less cookies & cream ice cream, but melted into a milkshake. Pure excellence.

But, at about 3 to 4-ish we were just getting too tired. The park is big and, to do a lap of the main section (from Top Thrill Dragster round the back of the park, then back) takes about half an hour. We were around the Magnum XL-200 or whatever it’s called, and it still took us about half an hour to get back.

I think we went back to the hotel, had a bit of a rest then to Friendly’s for dinner.

I did feel bad leaving at that time, but we had definitely got our money’s worth from the park. The previous day we’d done literally everything at the park that we had the remotest inclination of doing, and this day we got the opportunity to mop up, if we wanted to, on anything missed (not that there was anything) and generally enjoy the scenery (though again, we did feel rubbish).

So, that would be it for this day except I’ve now got to think of extra stuff to write, otherwise it’s a bit short for this day. So, I guess I’ll write about my thoughts of Cedar Point (and Six Flags Great America) in order to fill up space.

Cedar Point is, in my opinion, my favourite park that I’ve been to. I say that with some hesitation as one of the other parks on the trip (that we haven’t covered yet) is also very, very good and has probably my favourite roller coaster in. But, for the amount there is to do and the general setting, I definitely do like Cedar Point.

However, I don’t feel that any of the rides at Cedar Point (except perhaps Maverick) are stand-out, best of their kind rides. It has a general mish-mash of stuff and doesn’t really excel at anything, and possibly the only reason I like it so much is because of it’s setting on Lake Erie and the amount it has.

If that’s not vague enough for you, thinking back on Six Flags Great America, that park was a good size and well laid out (unlike Cedar Point, which I guess wasn’t laid out that well). It also had a fair bit of stuff to do though, again, none of the rides were the best of their kind.

As for layout, as I mentioned I wasn’t a particular fan of Cedar Point’s layout. There are no shortcuts, no ways around things – simply a walk leading up to a big loop. With Six Flags Great America shortcuts about everywhere – you can navigate your way easily from anywhere in the park to anywhere else, through a multitude of themed lands.

Yet still I like Cedar Point. I don’t know why. Perhaps I’m keen on it as it was the focal point of our trip and we did essentially exhaust the park entirely in a day – we got our money’s worth, and then some.

As for how the road trip has been going – very well. We’ve been spending to budget overall so far. Whilst the Chicago day was expensive, as we were on the bus trip and seeing the Blue Man Group and going up the Willis Tower, the expensive days are offset somewhat by the travelling days as, on the road, service station food is cheap. Not the greatest of things (Americans don’t seem to do vegetables, at all) but cheap.

Bessie the GPS has been a great help – we’re glad we rented her (which sounds awful!) but she’s done well on the route out of Chicago to Sandusky, and whilst she wasn’t much use finding the hotel as she claimed it didn’t exist, getting to the parks is great. Later on she proves her usefulness time and again, but also tries to kill us by making us drive, repeatedly, into a wall (thankfully unsuccessfully).

These road trips can indeed be planned – we basically decided what we wanted to do, found flights, then booked everything else around them.

Basically, this is turning out to be the trip of a lifetime (yeah, sounds cheesy, so what) and more stuff is still to come.

But in any case, Cedar Point has turned and had its revenge on us. Queues are huge, the weather far too warm for us to want to continue. We are definitely glad we did two days as we’d be gutted if this was our only day at the park and we could barely get on anything. We were lucky with the first day, as if the Theme Park Gods themselves had smiled upon us. If you too are considering a trip to Cedar Point, plan ahead.

So, what are we up to tomorrow? There isn’t a huge amount to do in Sandusky – Cedar Point seems to be “it”. But we decide to take a ferry trip to two islands on Lake Erie, Put-In-Bay and Kelley’s Island, and generally try and relax there. I think we needed it.

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