Paris 2014 – day 2 – Disneyland Park

So we wake up the next day, get ready and look at leaving for Disneyland Park in order to have a good day there. However, we need some breakfast and opt to have a quick look around Val D’Europe. A reasonably new town, it was actually built in conjunction with Disneyland Paris in order to have a town nearby and consists of five districts, including Chessy and Serris – the ones we’re most interested in, as these seem to be where train stations and so on lie.

Just a few minutes walk from our hotel is a HUGE shopping centre, which actually stretches all the way to the train station in Serris. Unfortunately we can’t really find anywhere that we fancy eating at, or at least anywhere that’s open.

Have some pictures – you know you want to.

P1010174 P1010165 P1010166 P1010167 P1010168 P1010169 P1010170 P1010171 P1010172 P1010173We decide to do a slightly different plan – well, this is something we do at a fair few theme parks, and that is to have an early lunch, say at 11:30-ish. Avoid the queues for lunch, avoid some of the busy queues for rides. The number 50 bus leaves to the parks from just outside the hotel, so we wait for it (we got free tickets to use it from the hotel) and head back towards Big Thunder Mountain again, this time at the back!